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The Last Seven Months 

After seven months of working on music nearly every day and night, taking piano lessons, moving multiple times, studying recording, producing and being produced, I have returned to the jungles of Central America, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica to be more specific. Some of you may know I have spent a great deal of time here on the Nicoya Peninsula over the past five years, this place has served me as a refuge, a teacher, a muse, an inspiration and restorative Shargri-la of sorts. I arrived just two days ago after putting some of the final touches on the ninth song from the album I have been Producing, co-writing, recording and playing on with the very gifted and promising new talente Jolene Dixon. This album marks my first venture into producing and engineering as well as playing all the instruments and writing a great deal. It is my genuine feeling that many people will be very pleasantly surprised by this album and its dynamic depth and quality from a rare, authentic and gifted singer-songwriter who is emerging from relative obscurity. I look very forward to sharing this music with you all in the near future. 

As well as working with Jolene I have been making music and being produced by the great Mark Batson (Dr, Dre, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Nas, Dave Matthews Band, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Yo Yo Ma, and many more) who has become more than a friend and a producer and evolved into something more of a mentor to me. I can not say enough about his quality of character as a man and artist, his talent, intelligence and dedication to his craft is of the highest caliber and its an understatement to say its an honor to create with him. I can confidently say we’ve have been making music that is like nothing anyone has ever heard before, the combination of what we write and our mutual admiration and respect translates into something beautiful and rare. I tend to spend the days after we work together celebrating life more and living in a state of fascination, inspiration joy and wonder for the world and all its grace, mystery and unexplainable serendipity and beauty. I would describe Marks zen like approach to Producing to something akin of a combination of black belt Martial Arts Master, Buddhist Monk, Shaman or Jedi-Knight and of course music mastery at the highest levels. The amount I have learned and am still learning from him is remarkable. To be in the presence of such greatness is equal parts humbling, enriching and empowering. On many occasions Mark has been in the studio with Dave Matthews, Kanye, LeAnn Rimes, Yo Yo Ma and other giants just days or hours before I arrive to work with him. I am breathing rare air and consider myself incredibly fortunate to be creating with such a living legend.

 I often speak to friends about the great power of positive momentum and I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude toward my friends and co-creators Mark Batson, Jolene Dixon, Matt Wignall, Wes Chiller and my small but excellent team of music business collegues Randy Sabiston and John Strohm who have supplied me with ample amounts of the aforementioned momentum. I would be remiss not to recognize, praise and thank the invaluable people in my personal life that make the pursuit of my dreams more possible. My best friends Jenifer, Ash, Jet, Alex, Matt, my wonderful Sister Rhiannon and my nephews Maddox Xander and Gianni, my Big Brother Zack, my friend Sam Kweskin as well as my parents who are unflinchingly supportive and whom always give me the love, encouragement and strength I need to continue to climb these mountains, and then there is you, the loyal and the few, the listener, who ultimately is the reason for all of this, thank you for listening, for caring and for supporting my efforts to make and share my art. I love you all.